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L8300-D-7/P L8300T-D-7/P L8200
L8200T L8100 L8100T
L8100-03-ST L8300-D L8300T-D
L8400-D L8400T-D  
Overlock sewing machine series > L8200 Ultra high-speed flat-bed overlock series
1. Provides superior performance on extra light to heavy fabrics.
2. Ease of operation.
3. Oil barrier
Overlock sewing machine series > L8200T Ultra high-speed top and bottom feed flat-bed overlock series
1. Top and bottom feed dogs on the variable top feed machines provide for positive and accurate fabric feed. This feature prevents twisting and plyshifting of the fabric being sewn, achieving high quality production.
2. These machines neatly perform shirring, piping and blindingstitch hemming, operations that are difficult with bottom feeding alone, while preventing puckering. Variable top feed machines ensure uniform quality during a wide variety of sewing operations
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